Clean And Brite Janitorial Services - We get the job done RIGHT!!!
Cleaning services provided by experienced team to help with all your needs:



.  Commercial                                Min 4 hrs.
  • Common areas cleaning             Min 3 hrs.
  •  Services                                    Min 4 hrs
  • Restaurant and Bar Cleaning     Min 3 days
  • Porter Services/cleaner             Min 5 hrs
  • Moving-in/out cleaning              Min 5 hrs
  • Janitor Handyman                      Min 5 hrs

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    Restaurant and BarCleaning

    clean and brite servicesFloor cleaning/ General cleaning
    restaurant and porter services,commercial cleaning,
    Super/building cleaning
    clean and brite services cleaning

    Porter Services

     maintenance                   cleaning Gyms

    porter and jnitorial services 

    Cleaning moving in/out

    clean and brite services