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Floor Care and Maintenance

Floor cleaning and Maintenance

Floor Cleaning varies dependence on your floor type. If you want to extend the life of your floors. Always make a routine of cleaning your floors it  saves you money and it extends the look and life of your floors.

Depending on your floors type its quite easier than you think possible.
Start y by implementing system,  depending on the type of floor hardwood, laminate, tiles, carpet etc.there is always a routine to cleaning:

  • Always know your floor type
  • Have all the relevant supplies on hand

Spring time Cleaning

Its the season when where all getting our homes and living spaces cleaned. Lets all start checking things off our checklist of stuff  to do.

  • Keeping our spaces free of clutter and organized
  • Organizing items in a system which allows you flexibility to add or replace stuff
  • Check medicine cabinets for used or expired medication e.g antibiotics
  • Replenishing cleaning supplies that will aid you in the cleaning
  • Unwanted items should be curbed or given to charity
  • Kitchen should also be free of clutter all worn or damaged utensils should be thrown out

Bathroom daily/weekly cleaning

Bathrooms are tough cleaning areas and can be a tedious job. But its very important that they're kept clean an sanitized daily or as often as every week possible. 

Fortunately there are little things that you can implement to aid you with keeping up the cleanliness of your bathroom, I recommend using: 

  • Clorox pills in the toilet tanks, this sanitizes and deodorizes the bowl with every flush which aids in the overall cleaning of the bowl. 
  • Spray shower cleaner daily (e.g. Scrubbing Bubbles), this stops the build up of soap scum and mold.

Happy Planning For Spring Cleaning

Keeping a Checklist In our day to day lives of trying to get it all done is difficult, everyone's cleaning/organizing needs  are different. Preparing a checklist prior to Spring Cleaning is very important, lets make a check list  before the spring begins of our home or living space,of the areas that  need our most attention eg basement, attic, closets, garages etc. 
Rooms which are always in dire need of organizing, but never get the full attention needed,making a checklist is very important, having a plan formulated of what we want to accomplish and the time frame it should be done in, is very important, some of the things we should place in our checklist, are what we need to keep, reason for keeping, throw out, when it will be gone, or give away, to whom, the item will be given to, also garage sale is a great way to get in some cash for stuff that may have some value,goodwill is also place to drop off stuff,etc. enlist a strategy which is to downsize, declutter, clear space. When accomplished,  there will be less items to clean and more room to organize. As Spring begins, lets stick to the plan and dates, enlist professional cleaning help if needed, Good luck happy planning for Spring Cleaning.

Happy New Year! Lets get Organized

Happy New Year! Cleaning Resolution

Its the beginning of the New year and its a time to also reflect on what you need to do to keep your living spaces clean and germ free, i recommend clearing a space on your calender just for a walk through your home, a day when you can make a list of stuff you need done, eg., getting furniture cleaned or deep cleaning the attic or basement, itemize what materials for cleaning you need, supplies, date you expect to start the project, even if you have a professional come over and give you a quote, its a step in the right direction, set your time line, don't  prolong the start of the project, see it through get organized for 2014 Good luck.

Keeping it Green in the kitchen appliances

As the holidays are nearing by, its important to remember to start cleaning areas where you store food e.g. the fridge, we are always using this appliance for food storage, but its most of us least place to clean,  with either vinegar or bicarbonate of soda keeping the fridge clean and germ free is quite easy safe and affordable. I recommend dumping food that has expired immediately, then removing everything else strip down the inside of the fridge dilute three table spoons of bicarbonate of soda to 1liter of water use a new sponge and go over all surfaces thoroughly till its totally cleaned then dry with a clean kitchen cloth.

Thanksgiving Deal

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Clean Brite Cleaning Services
 Specializing Cleaning for Commercial/Residential Clients we are experienced in the cleaning of homes apt, furniture and carpets for the past ten years.
 We are able to supply a cleaning specialist to assist in your desired cleaning needs this person is experienced in the care and handling of furniture and the deep cleaning of the job to be done

Thanksgiving Deal

Affordable Cleaning 10.00 Off Coupon (All areas) Affordable Cleaning 10.00 Off Coupon (All areas)

Flu Season Cleaning helps

Hi, as the flu season begins, we at clean and brite are extra careful at this time, to always sterile as much as possible our clients apts and living space, which means cleaning with anti bacterial agents, you could add bleach to your daily routine diluted, in areas such as the bath room and using it in the bins and cleaning fixtures, such as light switches,door knobs, outer appliances, as this helps the spread of germs and bacteria, a little goes a long way to control the spread of germs, about the living space at this time, keeping everyone happy and healthy.,  

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